Welcome, A Short Background

  Thanks for joining me!   Welcome to my blog, where I plan to share my experiences as a "newish" mom (I've been at it for just over 3 years now,) product and place reviews. I hope we can chat about various topics openly and learn from each other. A little about me... I'm Lauren,... Continue Reading →

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The Clay Café, A Creative Escape for Young and Old

A while ago my husband and I decided to visit The Clay Café  for breakfast with Saara in tow of course. Whenever we visit a new place, we are naturally concerned that it will not be child friendly, well this certainly was not the case with The Clay Cafe, which is just on Hout Bay... Continue Reading →

The Constantia Gift Fair

It is that time of the year when markets and fairs are in full swing. Although we live not very far from the SARDA where the Constantia Gift Fair is held this was the first year that I paid the fair a visit. I had heard good things about it so decided to check it out, with... Continue Reading →

Living Your Best Life…

I saw a post on Instagram the other night advertising a course that you can take where you will be given tips on living your best life as a mum. I must say that really got me thinking/wondering, am I living my best life, and what does it even mean to live your best life?... Continue Reading →

Mom Guilt

What is Mom Guilt? I'm sure you have heard the term before, and if you are reading this, then I am pretty sure that you have felt it at some stage in your life, perhaps right now... Well to me it is the feeling of not measuring up to the "perfect" or "norm" which I... Continue Reading →

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Admittedly one of the things I was excited to see about my new baby was her hair. Would she be born with hair on her head and if so how much? I imagined that she would have a lot of hair and that it would be dark like mine. Well, I was right, she was... Continue Reading →

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